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Now celebrating 10 years on the air, the Cantina Cast is your source for throught-provoking Star Wars talk! Join Albert and Jonesy each week as they breakdown the latest Star Wars news, movies, tv shows, and print and specialize in theory and speculation. We absolutely love Star Wars and provide honest opinions with praise where it’s deserved, and constructive criticism when it's warranted that always stays positive! We believe Star Wars is for EVERYONE and have built an incredible following over the years by being genuine, respectful, and more importantly listening to you, the Star Wars fan in return.

Nov 30, 2016

With Rogue one looming on the horizon, Mike and Joao give their final take on the hype leading to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

in this episode:

  • Kathleen Kennedy on mapping out the future of Star Wars movies
  • George Lucas was the first to want to do spin-offs
  • The Boba Fett teaser trailer that never...

Nov 23, 2016

Mike and Joao go old school Cantina Cast in this episode and have a fun relaxing time discussing a handful of Star Wars Topics.
In this episode:
  • Darth Maul gets a new comic series
  • More Rogue One commercials
  • Listener feedback topic:Who would Darth Sidious want as an apprentice? Rey or Kylo?
  • Main Topic:The Force...

Nov 16, 2016

Mike and Joao were scratching their heads earlier in the week for content, when out of no where the force gives them a new Rogue One Trailer. Plus Mike and Joao try to answer a question proposed by Bryan Young on Twitter.
In this episode:
  • Rogue One International trailer #3
  • Was that a Kyber crystal given to Jyn?
  • Is...

Nov 9, 2016

It took as little time, but Mike, Joao and Becca are back together again to finish up the Leia character dissection.
In this episode:

Return of the Jedi

  • Leia taking action to rescue Han
  • Leia freeing Han from carbonite
  • From princess to slave to huttslayer
  • Joining Han for his mission on Endor
  • Leia's willingness to work...

Nov 2, 2016

Once again Mike and Joao push back part II of the Leia character dissection, but this time it's due to all the news.
In this episode:
  • Daisy Ridley comments about Rey's parentage
  • Donald Glover is cast as Young Lando
  • J.J. Abrams explains Rey's vision in the Force Awakens
  • Star Wars Rebels: The Last Battle
  • Main Topic:...