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Cantina Cast

We support thought provoking Star Wars discussion and while we don't always have all the answers, we are seeking them!

The Cantina Cast is a weekly Star Wars podcast that focuses on all aspects of Star Wars but focuses on the movies and canonical aspects of the saga. We look for metaphors and symbolism to history, mythology, and other works of entertainment and literature and attempt to make those connections.

We also cover the biggest and best Star Wars news and give you our honest opinions. 

Sometimes there is no right or wrong, sometimes there is only discussion! 

It's Star Wars, let's have some fun!

Jun 27, 2018

In this episode, Albert and Jonesy analyze one of the most intriguing characters in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Qi'ra. Have the guys changed their minds on her character since their initial screening of Solo? Is Qi'ra a pawn in the grand scheme of Crimson Dawn? Was she scheming against Dryden Vos? Did she love Han? Jonesy and Albert pose these questions and much more.
Quick Episode Summary:
  • Recap of the first Cantina Cast tour stop
  • Disney pumps the breaks on Spin-Off?
  • Disney not going with going with unproven directors in the future?
  • Qi'ra character dissection
  • Her early life on Corellia
  • How did she survive the separation from Han?
  • How did Dryden rescue her?
  • Did she love Han or Dryden?
  • Will we see her in a movie again?
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