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Cantina Cast

We support thought provoking Star Wars discussion and while we don't always have all the answers, we are seeking them!

The Cantina Cast is a weekly Star Wars podcast that focuses on all aspects of Star Wars but focuses on the movies and canonical aspects of the saga. We look for metaphors and symbolism to history, mythology, and other works of entertainment and literature and attempt to make those connections.

We also cover the biggest and best Star Wars news and give you our honest opinions. 

Sometimes there is no right or wrong, sometimes there is only discussion! 

It's Star Wars, let's have some fun!

Jan 25, 2017

This is the last of Mike and Joao's Rogue One coverage...for now. Sit back and enjoy the friendly debate.

in this episode:

  • The old Re-shoots drama of Rogue One makes a comeback
  • Joao and Mike Debate Mauls relevance in the Holy saga
  • Bodhi Rook micro character dissection
  • Main Topic: Chirrut Îmwe & Baze Malbus mini character dissection
  • The Guardians of the Whills

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